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Top 10 Goviral for viral videos July 2009

August 6 2009, 11:39am

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign by Goviral – June 2009


1. Microsoft - Office 2010: The Movie



How to make a product that is as mainstream as MS Office exciting? That must have been the challenge that the makers of this campaign for Office 2010 were facing when brainstorming
their ideas. The pre-launch trailer format of the campaign creates a movie-like sense of anticipation for the release of MS Office 2010. Some new product features as well as a few humorous elements are well-integrated in this campaign, which has generated close to 1 mio. views so far.



Agency: Traffik

2. Olympus - The PEN Story




With a beautiful story flow and a 'feel-good' atmosphere Olympus has done an impressive job on this campaign for its PEN camera. The video uses stop motion techniques rather than post-production and consists of 60.000 picture shots and 9.600 developed prints. The viewer makes a trip through time, which cleverly reflects the vintage aspect of this particular Olympus camera. The music is a perfect match.


Agency: DSG

3. RWE - Energy Giant



German energy company RWE does not have the reputation of being a particularly green company. This animated commercial featuring RWE's new friendly giant mascot is an attempt to change that. By doing good deeds for the environment, this oversized version of Shrek gives the company a more friendly and responsible image. Originally intended as an in-house corporate video, the campaign will now premier in German cinemas with the launch of the new Harry Potter film.

Agency: Jung von Matt

4. Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day



Recently, Nike's skateboarding line Nike SB launched this new commercial called "Today was a good day", which has generated over 100,000 views in less than one week. The commercial features famous skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, promoting his own line of Nike shoes while performing some nice tricks. An extended version premiered online on July 31st.



Agency: Harvest

5. Nokia – Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase 2009





A very humorous campaign to mark the launch of the special edition Nokia N95 in China. It was one of the entries in Saatchi & Saatchi’s annual showcase of promising new directors. The campaign is directed by Zhu Jin Jing and features Bruce Lee playing kung fu style table tennis using chain sticks and a staggering precision.


Perhaps comment on the fact that not many people have seen it even though content is obviously really good…

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi


6. Kia - Soul Rock!




What do you do if you are a car producer and the recession has left you with thousands of unshipped cars stranded in some port? It seems like the people at Kia decided to make the best of it with this clever campaign. They hired hundreds of stunt drivers to create different shapes and figures while driving their new Kia Soul. The result was this very successful campaign which has generated almost 1.5 mio. views in less than two months.


7. Heineken - Walk in Fridge Contest



After Bavaria’s spoof version, Heineken has cleverly extended the success of its first 'Walk-in Fridge' commercial further by encouraging users to come up with their own version of the campaign. The company hosted a viral video contest where users were asked to come up with a new commercial using the little fridge from previous commercials. The winner out of 33 entries is this very humorous commercial featuring two very male topics: women and beer.  


Agency: Brandfighters

8. Adidas - The Spark




In this campaign for Adidas' F50I football shoe former football player Zinedine Zidane tells his legendary story of Lionel Messi. The legend goes that the young Messi was discovered on a dark night by a lone stranger and eventually transformed into a 'man unlike others' who 'runs like sparks flying'. The message of the intriguing story is that every team needs a spark. 

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

9. XBOX - Project Natal





Watching this campaign for Xbox, one cannot help but wonder: how do they do it? If controller-free gaming is going to be the next revolution in gaming the people at Microsoft have certainly succeeded in creating curiosity and excitement. The campaign has had 1.7 mio. views so far. The stereotypical family is perhaps a bit cheesy but Xbox has definitely managed to demonstrate the wide range of new experiences that getting 'off the couch and into the game' can bring.


Agency: World Famous

10. Samsung - Notebook Comes to Life





A hologram? Play-Doh? Just like in Xbox campaign, it is the 'how do they do it?' question that attracts the attention of the viewer. This campaign for Samsung features two cute creatures that all of a sudden appear from the company's new notebook to start an entertaining performance.


Agency: The Viral Factory