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Top 10 Goviral for viral videos May 2009

May 20 2009, 15:54pm

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign by Goviral – May 2009

1. Lewis Hamilton and the RC Office Grand Prix

Vodafone teamed up with Formula 1 team Mercedes McLaren to promote the new Blackberry Storm, purpose-built for Vodafone. The phone holds an abundance of multimedia capabilities, which were the focus for the video. The guys at Blackberry built a small remote controlled race car and used the Blackberry for steering. After that, they took it to the McLaren crew and let Lewis Hamilton drive a genuine Grand Prix car with the remote. The idea is very original and demonstrates the potential for multimedia integration today. The video produced more than 1.4 mio views within the first six weeks.

2. Samsung: YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge

This viral was released on Youtube, challenging users to figure out, how it was filmed. The video was shot on the new Samsung I8910 HD in one take with no post-production or special effects and holds several impossibilities. In solving the challenge, more than 1,500 viewers commented on it and it also yielded quite some video responses, debating and discussing possible solutions. The video produced more than 650,000 views within the first two weeks. Watch why, and feel free to try and figure it out, before you click your way through to the solution.

3. Icehotel: Hellacopters drummer

Making of

This rather untraditional campaign features the drummer from Swedish 90’ies garage/rock-band Hellacopters. Doing an unbelievable drum solo on a drum set, built entirely by ice, the dynamism of smashing the drums in the end seems to reflect the reoccurring change of the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Every year, when winter falls, they build the hotel again for the season.
The video generated approx. 500.000 views within the first month, which is very impressive for brand that is not well known internationally. Watch also the very interesting ‘making of’-video.

4. Samsung: Extreme Sheep LED Art

After the Sony Bravia campaigns, the bar was raised as to how to promote HD televisions. Samsung has joined forces with The Viral Factory, London and came up with this highly untraditional way of communicating the high quality of their new LED screens. An extremely talented shepherd and his crew navigate hundreds of sheep around the hills of Wales with LED’s on their backs to simulate a huge LED display. Within the first month, the video produced more than 8.1 mio. views over the five largest video sharing sites. According to The Viral Video Chart, it further generated approx. 3.000 blog posts and 8.300 comments.

5. Head: Novak Djokovic Scores On and Off the Court

From this point on, there should be no doubt as to the quality and speed of the HEAD tennis product line. Grand Slam winner of Australia Open 2008, Novak Djokovic, performs in this video some very convincing tennis. While playing his opponent, he also finds time to go to a girl in the audience and impress her by…tying a balloon dog, performing in a boy band, strip with nipple tassels, get oiled down by a granny, juggling tennis racquets with a couple of seals, and splashing himself with water, before he proceeds to deliver the winning smash. Very impressive.

6. Virgin Mobile: Right Mucis Wrongs

Vanilla Ice says sorry

A Personal Apology

In this very untraditional video from Virgin Mobile, Vanilla Ice is forced to apologize for his 1990’ies multi-platinum hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Virgin Mobile wanted to make a stand against bad music and provoke users to openly discuss, what defines good music. Having generated more than 750,000 views, the conversation should be started by now.

7. Burger King: Spunge Bob

Crispin, Porter & Bogusky has created this ad for Burger King. Clearly targeted for children, the video integrates the popular children’s show Spunge Bob Square Pants with the old classic ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’, although in a slighty altered edition for children by Sir Mix-A-Lot. It has proven very popular and generated more than a mio. views.

8. Wilkinson: Mow the Lawn

The Mow the Lawn video was created by JWT New York to build awareness and drive trial for the new Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini. This is also a contribution to the growing number of music video styled ads. With the very cheerful approach to female intimate ‘gardening’, this video has been seen by approx. half a mio. viewers online.

9. Jungstil: Better shop online

With more than 250,000 views, this video is doing very well, considering it is in German and therefore targeting a much smaller internet segment than English videos. Two girls get into a fight over the same item in a shop. It develops into the very chaos, which is the reason men so desperately despise shopping with women. One of the girls even pull the infamous ‘Mike Tyson move’, leading on to the catch phrase – Better Shop Online.

10. Taco Bell: Fast Food Folk Song

Some time ago, it was very popular create ads, where somebody went to a drive through and placed an order by rapping. In this video, the musical drive through order is revived, but with different genre – folk singing. Watch as these guys try to outsmart the staff at a Taco Bell restaurant, but get very surprised of the waiters reaction.