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Top 10 Goviral April 2009

April 29 2009, 12:48pm

Posted by adrien

Top 10 viral video campaign by Goviral – April 2009

1. Nike: Show Your Five

Nike has, with a little help from Wieden + Kennedy, London, done it again. No brand should really be in a top list consecutively, if it was not for the tremendous talent and effort that is being put into the majority of Nike’s campaigns. Nike launched a football tournament in UK and called for participants in major UK cities. This video is an ad for the events, and is filmed by various CCTV cameras to add to the authenticity of normal people playing street football. Check out tons of extra material here. The video was originally done for TV, but has spread on the internet as well.

2. Adidas: Manchild of the East

Adidas presents famous basketball star from Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard’s pre-game locker room ritual in this video, as he gets ready to lead the Eastern Conference Brotherhood to victory at NBA All-Star 2009.More than 2 mio. views should speak for itself.

3. Kia Soul: A New Way To Roll

With more than a quarter of a mio. views on Youtube, this odd little video has proven quite popular. It has resulted in more than 250 comments and ratings and got people talking, which is essentially what it is all about. The musical track ‘Fort Knox’ is by Goldfish is sets the tone for the new Kia Soul.

4. Loewe Sound: Choir

The new sound system from Loewe Sound is demonstrated in a very original way in this ad. A full choir is shifted around on stage; when the balance is altered, the choir moves left or right and when the bass is turned up, more bass singers arrive. Not a very ordinary piece for the viral category, but definitely worth a look.

5. Beate Uhse: Child Lock

Beate Uhse is a German pornography site, which have created this very amusing piece that demonstrates the child lock mechanism that parents can use on their computer, if they shop from Beate Uhse. The video is a series of drawings that adults will interpret in one way, and children in another. It is not offensive, and therefore very well executed. 

6. Henkel Powertape: Web Cam Girls

Pattex Powertape from Henkel can be put in use in a variety of different ways. Typically, men are the predominant user of power tape, as it can fix just about anything. This video proves a point about women, many guys probably have questioned throughout history. And although these girls sure have found an alternative use for tape, that’s not it.

7. Boston Market: 8 Seconds

Although this chicken from Boston Market might not look that inviting, it seems that people will do just about anything to get a taste. This video is not rocket science, it’ just simply funny. Do you think you would be able to ride Hank for eight seconds?

8. Sol Beer: Hugs

If you share football, you share everything. Ever since the dawn of man, beer has been an essential part of watching football. Although this might not be the way most guys do it on a regular fight night, it’s definitely friendship.

9. Cravendale: Bad Bull

This video has yet to make millions of views online. Nevertheless, it’s quite an interesting angle on selling milk. Cravendale Milk is all about purity, and this is the way it’s being purified. The term that probably describes it best is wacky. Just wacky. Maybe using a bull in a commercial for milk is not the smartest either? It might strike some associative cords that are not exactly right for actually wanting the milk. See some exclusive behind the scenes action here.

10. Boost Mobile: Bicycle

This video from Boost Mobile takes a rain check on the predominantly agreed gender roles. Apparently, when it’s a gift from Mother Nature, it’s not wrong - at least not as wrong as hidden fees from mobile companies. Whether this video actually sells more products for Boost, if difficult to tell, but it definitely has a message.