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Goviral showcase : top viral campaigns and videos in March

March 26 2009, 10:08am

Posted by adrien

1. Sony VAIO: Mannequins on The Grand Central

  Advertising is constantly developing to be up-to-date with consumer preferences and styles. This new campaign from the Sony Vaio brand probably got its inspiration from the recent T-Mobile campaign from the UK, but is very cool in itself. It features a series of videos filming mannequins interacting in the streets of New York, making a showpiece out of themselves and the new Sony Vaio Netbook.

2. Bud light: Magazine Buyer

DDB Chicago and Erich Joiner of Tool of North America collaborated on this hilarious video for the Bud Bowl 2009. The situation in the video is absolutely horrendous and I suspect, we have all been in something similar from time to time.

3. Monster: Double Take

 This video for the popular job site,, generated more than half a million views on the web. It integrates the message of there always being two sides of the coin (or, in this case, the moose) to a story, and blends that rather creatively executed truth with the sad reality of job seekers. Wonderful!

4. Onitsuka Tiger: Zodiac Race

 The Zodiac Race sneaker diorama is also the setting for a three-minute animated film that brings to life the legend of the Zodiac Race and explains how the animals secured their positions in the astrological calendar. Really, its all about Asics, but once you figure that out, you spent half an hour exploring the inspiring universe of the Zodiac Race.

5. Audi 6: The Chase

 This new video from Audi demonstrates the features and new tricks of the Audi 6, driven by very experienced get away driver Jason Statham from The Transporter films and many others. Audi takes us back memory lane and shows us why exactly their wheels are much better than the competitors.

6. 118: Who you gonna call?

 This very crazy ad features the old popular “Who you gonna call?” hit used in the movie Ghostbusters from the 80’ies as well as singer Ray Parker Junior, who wrote the original as well. Amusing and it comes with a website, where you can make your own little “Who you gonna call?” dance and ship off to your friends. Try the dance here.

7. Absolut: Hugs

 Produced by TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, the "Hugs" ad is an exercise in restrained buoyancy, presenting a softly-lit parallel universe where affection is coin of the realm, a kiss on the cheek the sanctioned currency. Scored with the Louis Armstrong standard, "A Kiss to Build a Dream On," it ends with the "In an Absolut world" tag and an understated product shot.

8. Pepsi Max: Interview

Pepsi has always been a brand with fresh ideas. This video is no different. Without getting old, it tells a very charming and funny story about friendship, a very innovative approach to life and youth. Maybe I wont go out and buy the drink, but I really enjoyed this video.

9. Arnet: Puppet

 A rather unusual approach for a karate coach to make a move on one of his students, but its hilarious. A guy hides underneath his desk and uses his hand puppet as the vocal of his emotions. Very touching!

10. MTV: Knife Crime

 MTV recently started doing infomercials, public service announcements and other traditional TV genres, which can be very difficult to execute on digital platforms. They seem to have stroke some chord though, since they actually pull something like this off. The call to action is obviously more difficult that a sales ad, but the first step always is to spread the message.