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Vice, art and nudity in video clip

March 20 2009, 15:41pm

Posted by adrien

How to become an artist of the vice magazine with Mobile Session.
In this trashy music clip Sony is giving us 10 tips to become a trashy artist.

1/ Be pregnant
2/ Copy your idol (Andy Warhol)
3/ Get naked with dolls
4/ Have sex orgy with artists
5/ Sticky tape yourself
6/ Remove blood
7/ ???
8/ Nude crawling
9/ Touch your boobs
10/ Show you legs

Other good pieces of art for brands: a huge canvas,  the famous pissoir from Duchamps, the pop art, the pollution art, the key art, the food sculpting art, the toilet paper origami, the Van Gogh picture and the hand painting.

advertiser: Sony Ericcson