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Light food that does not stick to your cooking pan

March 20 2009, 14:34pm

Posted by adrien

There is always a problem when you are cooking beef, chicken or fish with a pan...

The food is sticking to the pan and it's such a pain to clean it after use.

This pan brand has found with its advertising agency a clever way to illustrate the product benefit: a non sticking cooking pan.

The representation of the cow, chicken and fish as balloons that are floating in the air is a good creative idea.

Now regarding the execution, I don't really get the pan on the background...

Will you notice the animals in this print campaign?

Advertiser: Nouval
Agency: Lowe Egypt, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Hisham Kharma/Hesham Ellabban
Art Director: Montasser Khalil
Illustrator: Mirage Works