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The best viral video ads in Games / Entertainment Category

February 19 2009, 08:03am

Posted by adrien

Here the reel of the best viral video ads for 2008

in the category Games / Entertainment presented to you by GoViral.

Viral Ad #1

Title: The Prince of Darkness

Advertiser: Blizzard Entertainment

Product: Wrath of the Lich King

Agency: Blizzard

Viral Ad #2

Title: Enemy Weapon

Advertiser: Microsoft

Product: Halo 3

Agency: McCann

Viral Ad #3

Title: FIFA Street 3

Advertiser: EA

Product: TFIFA Street 3

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Viral Ad #4

Title: Putin's Game Review

Advertiser: Activision

Product: COD Modern Warfare

Agency: DDB

Viral Ad #5

Title: Bike Hero

Advertiser: Activision

Product: Guitar Hero World Tour

Agency: Droga5

Viral Ad #6

Title: BBQ Graduation

Advertiser: Sony

Product: Resistance 2

Agency: TBWA

Viral Ad #7

Title: Last Day

Advertiser: Microsoft

Product: Gears of War 2

Agency: T.A.G

Viral Ad #8

Title: Bad World

Advertiser: EA

Product: Battlefield:Bad Company

Agency: DICE

Viral Ad #9

Title: Jesus Shot

Advertiser: EA

Product: Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy