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The best viral video ads in Electronics Category

February 19 2009, 08:00am

Posted by adrien

Here the reel of the best viral video ads for 2008

in the category Electronics presented to you by GoViral.

Viral Ad #1

Title: Who is Johny X

Advertiser: Sony Ericsson

Product: Xperia

Agency: Dare Digital

Viral Ad #2

Title: Snake

Advertiser: Nokia

Product: Nokia N-Gage

Agency: farfar

Viral Ad #3

Title: Time Sculpture

Advertiser: Toshiba

Product: Toshiba

Agency: Grey

Viral Ad #4

Title: Elephant Proof

Advertiser: Sony Ericsson

Product: C702 Cybershot Phone

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Viral Ad #5

Title: Scarlet Trailer

Advertiser: LG

Product: Scarlet

Agency: Tequila\London