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New York became my canvas viral video day 1

February 17 2009, 15:22pm

Posted by adrien

A new viral video is launching in NY.
Actually I don't have the reveal yet so if you have any clue on for what it is, please tell me in the comment below.
I only know that it is going to be in 8 parts/videos representing one day each.

This is the only description that I have to share with you:

I wanted to make my mark on America before I left. And I wanted the world to see it.

Day 1

In a few weeks time I leave New York.

I've had some good times here. Met some cool people. And some real jerks.

I've seen a new President take office.

I've seen the Jets blow it again.

I¹ve seen more movies than I can remember.

And I don't believe I've cooked myself a meal more than once.

America has made its mark on me and I really want to make my mark on America.