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Open happiness Coca Cola new film - Teenagers flirting at the library

January 25 2009, 07:43am

Posted by adrien

‘Open Happiness' is the new brand postionning of Coca Cola.
It's an evolution of the Coke Side of Life, a campaign with the ads ‘Video Game,' ‘Happiness Factory,' and ‘It's Mine'.
I have selected 3 films for you.

1/ Library

Library brings to life the silent flirtation of 2 teens connecting over a Coca Cola while study in a quiet library.
The spot reinforces how  sharing a Coca Cola  connects people and brings a moment of happiness
to otherwise ordinary situation.

2/ Two Guys

2 guys explore what could happen is the Coca Cola Secret Formula were lost.

3/ Crave

Sweltering in the heat of a summer evening a man searches for something
to quench his thirst and finally finds an open shop where he buys and drinks a Coke.
The plays off of the sights and sounds of drinking a Coca Cola and the craving
that can only be satisfied by an ice cold Coke.

advertiser: Coca Cola
agency: Wieden + Kennedy