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Wanted bloggers for the worldwide bloggers tour

December 16 2008, 13:30pm

Posted by adrien

I am planning to launch a new project for 2009 called the worldwide bloggers tour. I will present weekly on this Mastercom blog a new blog (and its author) about advertising, communication, marketing or viral. Each blog will be from a different country. So hopefully I will cover 52 countries during 2009…

If you are a blogger and you want to be part of this worldwide bloggers tour, please join this group on Facebook or if you don’t have a Facebook profile just drop me an email here.

You just need to provide me with your blog’s link + your country.

The kick off will be on first January's week.

If you support the project you can add this badge to your blog.

Just copy/paste this code below:

<a href=";uid=39572827747#/group.php?gid=39572827747"><img key="3ab848c117b2e456716b87c0d9e6d6
6c" src="" class="CtreTexte" height="135" width="123"></a>

Thanks for your help.