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Holy Crap Project

August 11 2008, 13:00pm

Posted by adrien

This is a project we just did (and continue to refine) for Nike as part of their sponsorship of the AST Dew Tour (Mountain Dew's Actions Sports Tour). It was called the "Holy Crap!" project because the assignment was to get that reaction out of people enough that they would whip out their camera phone and send photos of it to their friends.

We had about a week to come up with ideas. Since it was so out of the box we put a crazy range of people on the concepting assignment including an architect, industrial designer, strategic planner, graphic designer and a copy writer.

We submitted over 20 ideas, and Nike picked the vehicle concept. Then we had literally 14 days to source the base vehicle, build the whole thing out and get it shipped it to the first venue in Baltimore. It has components built onto it for every extreme sport and the recreation that goes with it. See below for detailed features.

This isn't a standard submission, but hopefully its unorthodox nature makes it that much more interesting to you.

Features include: a skate ramp, wakeboard tower, surf racks, skate board rails, BMX racks, BBQ, sleep-in camper shell, built-in CD player, radio and remote control iPod player all encased in a waterproof box, custom fabricated hand brake with the Nike 6.0 URL engraved on the top, flood lights and a custom Nike 6.0 branded paint job.

Advertiser: Nike
Agency: Hub Strategy & Communication