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Office furniture that works for you

January 22 2008, 08:30am

Posted by adrien


This is Rania. She hates her car. She hates having to pay for two tickets.
She hates sharing elevators. She hates trying on new clothes.
She hates girls that look like this. And she hates this being the only romance in her life.
The only satisfaction Rania ever gets is at work where she can move freely through
her spacious open-plan office environment and really express her full personality.

BAFCO Dinesh

This is Dinesh. He works in IT. He crosses many fashion boundaries.
This is his favourite jacket. His idea of contemporary art. His music collection.
Hopefully, for all our sakes, when Dinesh arrives at work everyday
and sits down on his state-of-the-art chair at his well designed desk
in his stylish office, some of our taste will eventually rub off on him.


This is Anas. This is what he eats. What he drinks. What he reads.
His casual wear. And his idol. He sports a yellow one.
Yet the only thing that makes Anas feel like a real man is
when he’s at work where he can sit in his stylish executive chair
behind his big strong executive desk and naturally evoke a sense of power.

BAFCO Elliot

This is Elliot. He still lives with his mother. This is his car. This is his best friend.
His idea of fun. How he spends most of his evenings. And this is his job.
The only thing that stops Elliot from putting a bullet through his middle-aged
balding head is coming to work everyday there he can be more productive
in his ergonomically designed office chair and feel like a real player.

Advertiser: BAFCO
Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai