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T4LK awesome app to parody your friends

March 17 2015, 22:24pm

Posted by adrien

T4LK app
T4LK app

T4LK is a fun iOS app that allows you to talk for your friends.

It's pretty easy to use:

First you need to download the T4LK app and sign up with facebook connect.

Then you need to invite some friends on T4LK to be able to create talks with them as talkers.

Select your talker, add a funny picture and a description and share it!

Your friends can comment and like the talks but they will never be able to talk under their name.

As you can imagine this is creating pretty hilarious content!


Stage Fright LG video

April 16 2013, 12:57pm

Posted by adrien

The legend goes that a lot of men have issues in the men’s room when somebody is looking at them.


Nomao iphone application to see people naked (X-ray)

April 10 2013, 13:43pm

Posted by adrien

Video test of a French app for iphone named Nomao.
This app is including a secret function that allow you to see people naked in the street. It's a kind of x ray...

Don't forget to invite 10 friends on the app to unlock the super power

free download Nomao application augmented reality search engine:


If the download doesn't work try this link.

Advertiser: Nomao